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About Us

MMPSchool originated in 1977 when Beverly Kovach, working mother of two, could not find care for her two small children.  A family therapist by profession, Beverly quickly recognized the value of supporting parents and teachers at the early childhood level and the contributions young children provide the greater community.  Over the years, the center developed into a leading advocate and model for best practices, bringing the teachings of Dr. Emmi Pikler and Dr. Maria Montessori and Magda Gerber’s practice to the Mount Pleasant community.

MMPSchool continues to be family owned and operated certified early childhood specialists, David and Nicole Vigliotti.  In 2002 the family converted the private Montessori elementary program into a public charter school and began renovations in order to focus on the first, and most important, developmental plane- birth through six years.

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Our work at MMP School is very much in line with the vision of our founder, world-renowned early childhood expert and author, Beverly Kovach, MN. Ms. Kovach, author of Being with Babies and Toddlers, is one of two Pikler certified teacher trainers and a RIE and Montessori Mentor Teacher Instructor.

Initially a nurse and later a family counselor by profession (she co- founded the first crisis center in Charleston, SC), Beverly became increasingly dissatisfied with daycare options for her two young children. Her frustration quickly evolved into a passion for creating a better solution – a high quality approach to infant and childcare that meets the challenges of a group setting. And so the vision for MMP School was born.

In 1998, Beverly’s daughter, Nicole Vigliotti, and her husband David took over management and operations of the school, and further developed the infant and professional/parent training programs. Today, MMP School continues to house Little Learner’s Lodge (our infant program) and Montessori of Mount Pleasant (our primary program) as an independent private preschool, PLUS our center trains other early childhood educators in the Pikler , RIE™ and Montessori methods.

We are committed to continuing to grow, develop and research best practices in being with babies and young children in institutions.

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself.”
Galileo Galilei

Nestled in the historic Old Village area of Mount Pleasant SC, our schoolhouse is situated across from protected pristine marsh and is a block from the heart of the village, which features an old-time pharmacy, local bakery, resource library and more.

Our recent renovation enabled us to bring our infants, toddlers and primary students all under one roof – which means every day, your child is learning to increasingly care for (and learn from) other children.

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”
Albert Einstein

Designed to offer bright open spaces and to conserve water and energy, our new facility features:

  • a calm, quiet dedicated infant room
  • organic garden-to-table lunch program
  • certified natural wildlife habitat nature walks led by a certified master naturalist
  • an ecology and science specialized center
  • a school store that offers the opportunity to explore commerce
  • outings to neighborhood businesses like the community bakery, library, firehouse and fishing docks.

Inside, our classroom community is arranged very much like a home environment, where babies and older children have opportunities to interact and care for one another throughout the day. The adjoining rooms provide natural light while the kitchen and garden areas are always open for discovery, learning and play.

“Those who exert the first influence upon the mind have the greatest power.”  –Horace Mann

Many recognize the critical importance of establishing long-term healthy relationships from the beginning upon which a child will grow, develop and learn. During this first stage of development the children in our care will absorb all the adult models – including her innermost thoughts and attitudes.

At the same time parents are bombarded by conflicting information during this most rapid period of growth in their young child’s life.  They deserve the support of a highly qualified team of early childhood professionals  with the ability to implement theory into practice.

We’re living it-

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